Sell Your Wine - We Purchase Fine and Rare Wines

How to Sell Your Wine Collection

Do you want to sell your wine? At Clarets in Santa Barbara, California, we take pride in the relationships we have established with private wine collectors. In fact, we accommodate individuals who wish to sell their collections. We buy your wine. If you have properly cellared wines from California, Bordeaux, or Burgundy, then you definitely have our interest.

Whether your collection is large or small, we are willing to offer a fair price based on the quality of your wines. Upon receiving your inventory list, we will respond with an offer within two business days.

Convenient Shipping Arrangements

Are you concerned because you don’t have the proper materials or resources to ship your wine? Let us take care of that. For smaller collections, we can provide all the necessary packing supplies and labels. For larger collections, we will come to you and prepare everything for shipping for a hassle-free experience.

You may submit your wine list to for review and appraisal. Alternatively, you may fax the list to (805) 697-7159. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (805) 697-7085.

Sell Your Wine